Othentik Natural Resources Management is an alternative & holistic health social enterprise/brand founded in Zambia focused on advocating sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture practices as the base for good health & nutrition & a distributor of natural/organic food, skin, body & hair products.

It believes that a healthy planet is the key to sustainable future for all earths life and natural resources and therefore asks that people #startthinking of the effects of all that they do on the environment.

It is passionate about good agricultural practices and healthy food and promotes sustainable animal and crop production; responsible food marketing and conscious buying by embarking on projects that spark public interest on these subjects and working with Government, Businesses and other Organisations to help shape positive policies around them.

It also serves to provide natural organic based foods and self care solutions sourcing the best sustainable raw ingredients and products locally and abroad at competitive but affordable prices. With a focus on the best ingredients our aim is to educate the masses on the natural benefits derived from use of products from Mother Nature’s Warehouse!