Complicated Complicated

This is my rant about nothing and everything blog entry. I just want the world uncomplicated again. It puzzles me why despite knowing the ill effects of modern day agriculture practices- we still go for them. Higher yields, cheaper food and great profits they tell us but is this really? What is cheap about killing off fungi and other microbiome living in our soils? So what if we lose the bees? What’s the cost of treating multitudes with complicated diseases that we knew nothing of at such large scale only a couple of decades ago? What is the real cost of loss of biodiversity and nutrient depleted soils? Of food insecurity? Of a dead earth? Why is it when the plain hard truth of our actions is staring us in the face, do we continue to sugar coat it; butter it up, with extra sprinkles even just for good measure?

I attended the Zambia Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition Indaba last year. I had an awesome time sitting among so many like minded individuals. My mentor and comrade in arms Rolf Shenton asked me as we chatted in line at tea break, “Why don’t you blog?” I looked at him and shyly said…”but I do.” “Where?” he quizzed. “Off my website Othentik Naturals….” I quipped under my breath, eyes darting around avoiding contact. “Hmmm…” I think he said. I don’t remember. My minded drifted as I continued to explain myself.

“Hmmm…”I thought later- not amused at the realization that I clearly I don’t write enough. “My life is complicated,” I say to myself. “Work, school, raising 3 kids and insomniac to add blogging to my routine,” I vent under my breath wide awake to the busyness that is life.

I lie! Not about being awoken though. I am truly wide awake. I’m firm in knowing myself and my strengths. I’m not curled up in a corner distraught and helpless. I’ve had the chance early, to experience the lows of life. How in a split moment everything that you know can be turned upside down. And so I know that it’s never the end. That it’s a crazy cycle this life. “Karma,” the ancients called it. We come to the earth part of a grand circle- where every single little thing is important and perfectly in place.

I made a worm cast 2 Sundays ago. I made it with my new friend Prince- an Ecologist. I’m squirmish. I couldn’t hold the worms without screeching like the girl I am. I let them slither in the palm of my hand. It was hard but I was determined. I’m studying soil and was so pleased walking out the kitchen door of my parents’ home to see 4 super healthy Earthworms on the ground. I felt small despite how gigantic I must have looked stooping down to scoop them at the thought of the great role these little warriors play living in soils- decomposing dead plants and animals for living plants, bacteria and fungi to feed on. That I was saving them from the heat and into my compost heap made me feel all super hero. I was accomplished.

They had me think how they show up every day- writing their ‘blogs’ in attempt to get at least one human convert to change their destructive ways. They do so in spite of the daily threat on their homes: the chemical droplets of “not rain” that we unleash upon the plants that give them cover; the trees that we cut down and the fields that we burn off. And you’d have the audacity to say your life is hard? C’mon! We all have to change our tone!

I did when I faced death. I knew that the world was larger than me. That I did not just come here to look pretty and walk nice. That like the lowly Earthworm I was duty bound- to the Planet Earth and all who live on it. That I had no issues so big I could afford to do nothing but cry. If everyone before us took a chill pill, and played around with all sorts of fancy mixes of dangerous stuff and called them ‘nothing’: if they poured them into the rivers where fish lived and splashed on the leaves just to see if anyone would complain about the effects of their ‘nothing.’ If they hunted for pleasure and killed off more animals than they had need of; burnt forests; killed everything in sight without a care- where would we be?

“Where will we be a couple of years from now?” It’s Karma I told you, that will come back to haunt us in retrospect if we don’t stop letting powers that be promote Eco unfriendly practices without consequence to their actions. We live on this Planet guided by Universal laws that require us to observe our environment and assess how we can preserve our natural resources as opposed to destroying them. We owe it to our own, our children’s’ and our Planet’s.

Albeit a little beaten down and worse of all battling writers block today- I share with the world my ‘worm work.’ Hehehe! I hope it will play a small part in getting all of you awakened- present in this very real battle to save our food systems, improve our nutrition and health and to saving our planet. We’re all connected in this perfect circle called life. Be awake.

Have you thought about yourself and the future of our Planet today? Please let me know even if you haven’t thought about anything…tell me about ‘nothing!’ Let’s spark conversations that inspire changes for a better life!

I wish you love and light.

Yours in health- naturally