And it all starts back at one

I fell in love with Nutrition as far back as when I was a little girl- my parents and brothers can attest how I was a known fussy eater at 4! I change little! I admit I went body image conscious a tad bit too early but my inner me knew what it wanted and demanded it!

In January 2016, I decided to get back to my roots and began studying as a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and rekindled an old passion whilst birthing a new one. It had me wonder how so many forget to ask questions about what it is they do and why on a daily basis with regards their food source, the content of their meals, their nutritional value as well as the effects of all this on their well being. We have a Health/ Nutrition epidemic that no one seems to talk about that is at the root of the widespread increase in Cancers, Malnutrition, Obesity and various Auto-immune diseases that have seen an unprecedented increase in occurrence the last few decades. News of death from such disease was rare 30 years ago. We now have a small number of Physicians struggling to treat a larger number of Patients. What has changed? Our lifestyles definitely.

I’ll tell you now that I’ve struggled writing this blog because I’m overwhelmed at the number of topics I need to touch on to get the message across. I’d initially sought to concentrate on building a coaching practice but realized I’d been called to a bigger task as a health, food and nutrition activist. That I’m meant to have you learn to ask:

  • What is this food?
  • Where was it grown?
  • How was it grown?
  • Is it Organic? Or
  • Was it treated with pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones? And
  • If it was, how will I know?
Dangers pesticides field sign
The fields are not good to enter unprotected but the food is good enough to eat?

My blog aims to bring these questions to everyone’s mind. As personal custodians to human life; we’re asked to nurture our being- an instinct that has been so dulled over the years, that we give our power over to Media Marketers to tell us what to eat and when. I’ll give you one known fact- humans are the only known mammal to continue to feed off milk supplies that a baby cow weans off of to give it the nutrients and energy required for its growth the first couple of weeks of its life. Can you picture a full grown bull still feeding off its mother? What are the effects of this continual consumption of milk? Kept on a large scale mainly on Commercial Farms- Dairy cows require constant stimulation by use of hormones to produce- does your instinct tell you this is safe? Is the grain we force-feed our animals as a cheap source of food natural to their diet? What are the effects of grain on our animals? On ourselves for that matter? Who regulates what we eat? Who checks how it’s grown? How is this information shared with our general public? Is our food labeling detailed enough to allow us make better informed decisions?

With each post, I will look to expound a topic and bring you to discuss how we can take a more active role in our lives when it comes to food and nutrition. I will highlight the players in the game and look to showcase the work of many in the field. Looking at the Ministry of Agriculture website- I was amazed by the vast information out there but saddened at the same time by how little is public knowledge. I know we can work together to change that- to the benefit of a healthier and thereby more prosperous Zambia and indeed World!

Yours in health- naturally,